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Wen Walker 

Wen Walker is a Christian artist residing from Columbia, SC. He has been writing songs since the age of 12 and always had an interest in creating music that can reach the masses. Although he had a passion for music, he never found his purpose until an artist inspired him by the name of Young’n, the creator of Loose Cannon Productions.


Wen later became a member of the Loose Cannons family on February 5, 2018 as the first Christian artist on the label. Music is a way for him to minster and displays his spiritual gift for his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. His ultimate goal is to bring more souls to Christ and to be the light in this dark world. His debut album “Not Your Average Christian” which is set to be released August 17, 2019, will inspire and motivate listeners of all ages. This album has singles such as David, Faith, Good Friday and many more.    


Loose Cannons Production, 919-273-8886




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